Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trip 8: Savandurga - Manchinbele Dam - Big Banyan Tree

My first trip blog...with Asia's Largest Monolithic Rock ... Savandurga!!!

Once again a Wonderful and thrilling trek up the Largest Monolithic Rock in Asia - Savandurga, near Magadi... with a superb view of Ramnagar, Magadi and Shivganga from top... after which lunch stop at Manchanbele Dam, where we cooled off in the back waters of River Arkavathi... finally ending the trip at the world famous "Big Banyan Tree" near Blore! A truly superb way to bid goodbye to 2008! Kempegowda ki Jai for the beautiful architecture!

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The Picture on Display

Ya I'm sure u'll be wondering the location of the pic on display for the blog... It's a place called Jenkalgudda near Dandeli. More info will be put up in coming blogs :)

One of my favourites :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello World!!! The journey Begins!

Hi Guys and Gals!!

Atlast after much thought and ATLAST finding time (people who know me…know how I SPEND time…), here I am presenting some info of all the treks and trips I’v been to so far . Yup, due to public demand here it is. I’v tried to cut the exaggration seen in other trekking blogs…which scare people out of their wits…inturn missin an opportunity to have a tryst with nature.
A tip for all trekkers… first timers specially…
Its all in the mind… its never risky... the beauty lies in nature… go on and explore…

Hope you like the blog and PLEASE do send comments…and corrections in case I do make a mistake!

This is Sudsy Rao signing out, on behalf of the “Bloggers paradise” team